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A special event was held for the Musashino Sakura Festival on Sunday, April 1st, 2018.

The cherry trees within the R&D Center and the History Center were opened to the public on Sunday, April 1st, 2018 to coincide with the 26th Musashino Sakura Festival sponsored by Musashino City.
Last year, the cherry blossoms were in one-third bloom, and this year, they were past full-bloom. Although it’s hard to catch the right timing, we were blessed with good weather this year, and many people came to the History Center. Thank you very much!

Beautiful cherry blossoms along the road leading to the History Center History Center signboard and special event banner at the corner of the road leading to the History Center. The blue signboard appears bright in the sunlight. Entrance of the History Center where many bicycles were parked

This year’s Special Open Day featured a “Bubble era photo spot,” a “Pager Quiz,” original tin badges, workbooks, stamp rally for small kids, etc.

Girls wearing bubble era red dresses Girl posing for a photo while carrying a “shoulder phone” Tin badges

A visitor answering the “Pager Quiz” A visitor looking at hints for the “Pager Quiz” A visitor making his own tin badge

Workbooks A girl figuring out the workbook at the Mobile Communications corner A boy holding a stamp rally card

Visitors trying out the old phones in the Hands-on Corner at the lobby with the help of HCT Volunteers. Visitors were also toured to different places in the History Center. We hope you enjoyed your visit.

A visitor trying out the manual switchboard A girl trying out the A-type automatic switching system A girl trying out the black telephone

Guided tour Visitors trying out the public telephones Guided tour

Mother and child viewing exhibits at the telephone corner Visitors walking through the Cable Tunnel. Visitors viewing a submarine repeater exhibit

Visitor looking up a switching system exhibit Visitors viewing exhibits at the telegram corner Visitors viewing exhibits at the mobile telephone corner

The History Center is not open on Sundays, but it is open to the public on Thursdays and Fridays afternoon. We look forward to your visit!

A boy impressing a stamp on his stamp card See-through telephone

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